Our Approach

  • Our range of services create and implement tailored actions that can make a difference to the gender diversity balance for each organisation in its current context.

  • Our approach is based on action research and collaboratively problem solving: your workforce in partnership with us and your senior management team.

  • We seek input from all groups and specifically from your current female employees.

  • We create actions that will make a tangible difference in the next 12 months.

  • We provide specialist support for your people as they take on leadership roles in the program.

  • We work with organisations to establish governance and feedback channels to ensure that program progress is made.

What makes us different?

  • We guarantee that your organisation will see tangible results from the program.

  • ‘Our process; your problems.’ We design, relative to your context, a tailored approach for your organisation (which has broad buy-in from staff and leaders).

  • Leadership opportunities for your female staff are delivered as part of the program

  • Governance that enables monitoring and reporting progress to your key stakeholders through agreed milestones and KPIs.

  • Throughout the 12 months, your organisation can show its employees that it is making practical, transparent progress in improving career opportunities for women.


  • An evaluation of your organisation’s current position as it relates to gender diversity

  • Identification of the issues, opportunities and initiatives by those affected

  • Empowerment and authorised environment for staff to implement solutions

  • Pragmatic, workable solutions driven by staff

  • Direct correlation (and visibility) from problem to solution to implementation to results

  • Embedded female leadership opportunities as part of the program

  • Reinvigoration and re-engagement of disaffected staff

  • Senior leadership team buy-in

  • KPIs and milestones to monitor progress

  • Regular progress and opportunities to engage and learn from meaningful work

  • Shared understanding that diversity enables success

Women Into Leadership Program

How Our Women’s Leadership Development Programs Work

Gender diversity in the workplace can have extensive positive impacts. Workplace morale increases and staff retention improves when everyone has a chance to advance to leadership roles. 85% of buying decisions are made by women. Businesses are better equipped to reach these audiences when they have multiple perspectives (including women) represented in the boardroom. Companies with more diversity are more innovative in their ideas and more profitable as a result. 

Because of these benefits and others, more organisations are waking up and making gender diversity a priority. At Women into Leadership, we help these businesses get where they want to go, with women’s leadership development programs. One question we hear quite often, though, is how we go about creating change throughout an organisation, from entry-level jobs all the way up to executive leadership

Our focus is on creating systemic organisational change. We aren’t trying to institute hiring quotas or to say that companies must always promote women instead of men, regardless of merit. Instead, we are trying to help business leaders understand how their enterprises have been built—perhaps subconsciously—to favour men. In the clear majority of cases, organisations have been built by men for men. We use contemporary methodology including co-design to identify the issues in the workplace and create initiatives to address these. For women to have opportunities—and for companies to enjoy the benefits that gender diversity can provide—some of the systems, symbols, norms, and cultures of the workplace need to change.

Our women into leadership programs work to bring about this kind of change. Each course includes important initiatives with built-in leadership opportunities. We also empower women to act to change things within their organisations. Collectively, these methods help eliminate some of the barriers that have traditionally kept women out of the boardroom.

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