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Andrew was part of the International Managers and Leaders 'Great Debate' for International Women’s Day in Brisbane. Broadcasted nationally, and with over 2,000 people in attendance, it was a great way to get together with other passionate and supportive people committed to making a change. The event helped to raise over $50,000 for YWCA partner.

Kylie was part of a panel discussion for ACU's International Women’s Day breakfast. The panel was made up of successful female alumni and attended by local government, faculty, alumni, students and other esteemed, invited guests. The theme was 'Push for Progress' and discussed what everyone can do to make a change.

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Companies with Diversity and Inclusion Programs: Understanding the Benefits of Gender Inclusion and Devising Diversity Strategies in the Workplace

The genders are equal, or so we’re told. Around the world, though, workplace statistics tell a different story. Statistics from the Center for American Progress show that, in the United States, women hold 52% of all ‘professional-level jobs,’ but only 14.6% of all executive officer seats. A look at the Fortune 500 shows that 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. The uneven gender distribution exists at the top of Australian businesses, too. Every year, consultant Conrad Liveris examines the ASX 200 and analyses data on CEOs and chairpersons. In 2017, Liveris reported that there were only 19 female CEOs or chairs in the ASX 200. Meanwhile, his search of the ASX found 32 male CEOs or chairs named John, 32 named Peter and 21 named David.

So far, despite legislation being in place for many years, progress on gender diversity has been unhurried. As the calls for true gender equality continue to grow louder, more companies are adopting corporate diversity and inclusion programs.

At Women into Leadership, we are dedicated to giving gender equality the speed boost it deserves. By our calculations, it would take 170 years at the current pace for our society to reach true gender equality in the workplace. That number is not one that we are willing to accept. 

We also firmly believe that businesses should want the same thing, and not because of political correctness or even morality. Instead, we believe that companies with diversity and inclusion programs tend to reap benefits that other companies do not. Simply put, getting more women into senior and management positions has the potential to unlock significant profits for your business.

The Benefits of Implementing Diversity Strategies in the Workplace

Perhaps your business has been thinking about adding a corporate diversity and inclusion program for a while now but wants to know more about ROI before doing so. These types of reservations are common, and they are fair enough given that every business is driven by the bottom line. Based on our research at Women into Leadership, though, ROI with this kind of program is virtually guaranteed. In fact, we have seen businesses double their profits by taking a firm stance on gender equality and inclusion. If we see gender balance on boards and leadership teams throughout Australia, the ultimate potential impact is a 20% increase in our national GDP.

Why can something as (seemingly) simple as gender diversity create such a massive boost in potential profit? There are a few reasons. More diverse boards of directors typically engage with more ideas and perspectives and make smarter business decisions. Increased diversity presents a reputational boost for businesses, especially at a time when many consumers are very conscious about issues of equality and social justice. Creating more opportunity for all employees results in increased morale, which in turn leads to improved engagement and reduced turnover. These are just a few of the valuable benefits of implementing diversity strategies in the workplace.

Get Diversity and Inclusion Program Ideas with our Corporate Leadership Programs

Are you interested in adding corporate diversity and inclusion programs to your business? Women into Leadership can help. We assist organisations by working with them to identify areas for improvement and implement actionable strategies to bring about greater diversity and equality.

Email us at info@womenintoleadership.com.au to learn more.

Are you looking to join a Board of Directors or just joined? Do you want to expand, improve and finesse your leadership skills? Are you looking to have more influence in decision making? Are you looking to learn about senior level complex issues relevant to your career? If you answered 'yes' to any of these, this course is for you. This course is a 'hands on' approach to leadership training at a senior level. You will explore and discuss the characteristics of effective top executives and high performance organisations, and learn how to implement these specific to your needs. Develop the leadership skills and attributes necessary for Director level, C-Suite and Boards.

Kylie was recently a guest speaker on a panel discussion hosted by ‘Culture Amp’ for their ‘geekup’ in Melbourne discussing diversity and inclusion. 

The Challenge

Executive Training Courses

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For those who want to see more women in senior roles 
in our organisations and are prepared to act to make a change.

Based on current progress, workplace equality may not occur for 217 years! We believe that is unacceptable. Moreover, the exclusion cuts out massive workforce capacity and potential productivity.


As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

—Bill Gates

The Solution

Women Into Leadership is a social enterprise working with organisations and helping to unlock the potential 20% increase in GDP available from increasing female participation and broader diversity at senior levels. We identify and implement specific, relevant and measurable actions with your affected staff.

After adopting Women into Leadership's independently created, tailored approach for your organisation for 12 months, your organisation can demonstrate to employees and stakeholders practical progress in improving opportunities for women.

Are you looking to progress to a senior role or just been promoted? Do you want to expand, improve and finesse your leadership skills? Are you looking to have more influence in decision making? Are you looking to learn about senior level complex issues relevant to your career? If you answered 'yes' to any of these, this course is for you. This course is a 'hands on' approach to leadership training at a senior level for female leaders.


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