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Fast Track Leadership

Benefits of following the Fast Track Leadership program:

  • A clear, detailed and shared understanding of the future leadership landscape for the organisation

  • A personal assessment based on the leadership capabilities

  • The opportunity to learn about the topics which are most important to them, at the moment the learning is sought

  • Acquisition of skills in leadership, communication, coaching and mentoring

  • Ability to refine ideas, translate them into real life situations, reflect on results and identify ways to improve next time

  • Creation of a strong and supportive network

  • Shared knowledge opportunities

Outline of Fast Track Leadership program

  • Participants in the program work together to describe the leadership capabilities required in the next two years in the organisation. They then assess themselves against those criteria, subject to peer review.

  • Each person decides the areas that they wish to learn more about over the next three months.

  • The program has been designed and validated through a Master’s program.