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If you trust a person enough to take on an executive assistant role with your organisation, then you probably value their skills and worth ethic. Too often, though, businesses manage to let key talent slip through the cracks.

At Women into Leadership, we can help you attract, retain and develop top talent. By investing in our management development programme for executive assistants, you can identify key female staff members and adopt strategies to keep them around.

Staff turnover is a problem that every business must face and overcome. The average cost of replacing an employee is two and a half times that person’s salary. In the case of executive assistants, the losses might be even more significant, simply due to how much executive assistants help the highest-ranking members of your enterprise.

Sometimes big companies fail to foresee these losses ahead of time. Too often, these companies have executive assistant roles filled predominantly by women, assisting executives and managers that are mostly male. The lack of gender equality—and the feeling among female executive assistants that their chances for additional advancement are minimal—leads to a costly turnover.

With a management development programme for executive assistants, you can develop your company’s 
female executive assistants into extremely valuable leaders for the next chapter of your organisation. The benefits are twofold: you avoid turnover and get more women into leadership roles.

Don’t let employee turnover slow your business down. Instead, call Women into Leadership today and let our programmes and initiatives help your organisation reach the next level.

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“... (diversity) is so difficult. There is no one thing—or even a number of things—that will necessarily deliver the outcome that you want or expect. You need to be bold in experimenting.”
–Elizabeth Broderick, a senior adviser to the head of UN Women in New York

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