Embrace New Ideas and Perspectives in the Workplace: Adopt Corporate Diversity Training Programs and Gender Equality Programs

Diversity in the workplace drives innovation. This point has been proven by studies around the world, yet there are still so many businesses that have not entirely embraced diversity or are failing to achieve their diversity targets. read more

How Gender Equality and Diversity in Business Can Change Organisational Culture and Promote
Improved Corporate Performance

Calls for gender equality in business are dominating the media these days. Between movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp and a growing sense that women are no longer going to remain silent about abuse, oppression or unfairness, it seems to be time for organisations around the world ..read more

Improve Your Company Leadership with a Senior Management Development Programme

When your company promotes team members to managerial or executive positions, what practices do you use to make sure those employees are ready for the additional responsibility? Having invested heavily in these individuals, what processes do you have in place to make sure they stay? ..read more

How Workplace Diversity Problems and Company Culture Go Hand in Hand—and How to Solve the Problem with Organisational Culture Consulting

​‘Company culture’ is a term thrown around frequently to discuss everything from an organisation’s values to the vibe in the office. An array of terms exists to describe company culture, both when it is healthy (‘vibrant,’ ‘social,’ ‘exciting,’ ‘innovative’) and ..read more

Retain Top Talent for Longer with a Management Development Programme for Executive Assistants

If you trust a person enough to take on an executive assistant role with your organisation, then you probably value their skills and worth ethic. Too often, though, businesses manage to let key talent slip through the cracks. ..read more

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“... (diversity) is so difficult. There is no one thing—or even a number of things—that will necessarily deliver the outcome that you want or expect. You need to be bold in experimenting.”
–Elizabeth Broderick, a senior adviser to the head of UN Women in New York


driving success through diversity